Online Examination for UG/PG Final Semester Students July 2019-20

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    Get ready - System configuration

  1. Exam can be taken only in Windows PCs and Laptops (OS Windows 7 and above versions) with webcam and valid sound card device. Computer should have an i3 processor or above and at least 2GB of RAM.
  2. You cannot take the exam on your mobile using mobile browser.
  3. Please try to reset your browser settings or use in private (Incognito Mode) so any hanging issues will be eliminated.
  4. Computer should be connected to an internet which has a bandwidth speed of 1 Mbps or more. When you are using phone’s internet as hotspot, you cannot call support line from the same phone
  5. If you are running on old windows7, it is better to download .Netframe work 4.5 onto your computer beforehand. So you will not have issues during setup. Here is link for the same.
  6. You must have at least ANY ONE of the below browsers on your computer. Most computers come with IE browser use that only, if you have. DO NOT USE EDGE BROWSER
    • Latest Chrome browser (Please upgrade to be safe)
    • Latest Firefox browser (Please upgrade to be safe)
    • Internet explorer Version 8 to 11. (Please upgrade to be safe)
  7. System Login user should have administrator privileges for the computer, as there will be a small software that will be installed for the exam.
  8. Disable Antivirus and Firewall as a precaution.
    Please click this link to get to the correct way of disabling your anti-virus software, if you have one active on your computer.
  9. We need to say, please do not wear any mask while giving photo and if possible during exam.
  10. Set to start - Taking the examination

  11. Uid and password will be shared to students to their registered phone number and email. Details will also be published on respective college log-ins in
  12. Please keep the user id and password handy on a piece of paper. As you need to use this information twice.
  13. The online test will be in English language. It will be of 150 to 180 minutes duration with 120 or 150 questions out of which a user can answer all or 70 or 100 questions respectively. Only correct answers will be evaluated.
  14. A user can login before 45 mins of exam time, to prep their computer environment, If there are any questions they can contact the technical support.
  15. A user cannot login into the system 15 mins after the exam start time during the Final examination.
  16. Once a user logs into the system with userid and password, you will come to take photo page with your details. Please allow camera and location access. If you do not give access to camera, you will not be able to write the exam. Please allow Access and checkmark "Remember this decision (checkbox)" for Location and Web Camera.
  17. In case of disconnection of network/power failure during the test, the test can be resumed by logging in again within 15 minutes from the instance of interruption. This can happen only if you are writing from the same machine. If you intend to do, please call the technical support line before login or chat with the proctor. BPUT will not be responsible for the time loss due to any malfunction of your computer pertaining to (but not limited to) Hardware, Software, Internet connectivity, Power failure etc.
  18. Once you click to go to exam, you will be asked to download a small executable which should be saved on the computer and then run. This is a safe executable which will lock your exam screen and not allow you to access other applications on the computer during the exam. If you do not give permissions to this executable you will not be able to write the exam.
  19. Click on Start Examination at the exam start time (e.g., 10 AM).
  20. Then click on each question to answer during the exam, there are three options, Save&Next, Save&Back and Skip Question. You have to spend minimum 1 hour in the exam during for a 2 hour final examination before you can submit.
  21. Please make sure you have a good background while taking photo.
  22. Exam code of conduct

  23. You are allowed to refer text Book (s) in the notified exam time and appear the test without moving out from your seat during the period at your home or at the opted Institution.
  24. You are not allowed to access internet or consult other people for any information during the whole time of examination session.
  25. The System is using Artificial intelligence to detect and record face emotions, pupil movement and all activities.
  26. You are not allowed to take photos or record videos of the exam and then share it with others. If found doing such activities, student will not only be declined to continue the on-line examination, and would also be debarred from appearing further examination as per the rule and regulation of the university.
  27. A remote proctor would watch your movements, photograph, screenshot (s) and hear audio during the online examination session.
  28. If a student indulges in suspicious and objectionable activities as detected and recorded by the system, in such situation the proctor can pause and even cancel your on-line examination.
  29. Please click on the Pdf file to close it again. Also please click on the chat and calculator frame to move.

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